Servers in a Data Center

Data Centers

Thanks to our infrastructure, we have a fast response time and maintain an excellent uptime with high performance for all our customers.

Customized technology for world-class hosting

Since the beginning, we have made sure to own our equipment, which means that today we have an excellent opportunity to customize our solutions fully.

We can quickly handle changing conditions with full access to the platform we offer. This allows us to provide you with world-class support.

Gigabit anslutning till server


In our platform, redundancy is built-in as standard at all levels, from the redundant dark fiber into the data center to battery and diesel-backed power to all servers. That’s why they’re always online, even during power outages. Multiple connections from different ISPs protect in case of any outages.

Gigabit anslutning till server

Lightning-fast speed

With the excellent location of our data centers, we can access higher speeds on dark fiber and the internet. So bandwidth is never an issue with us.