Monitoring your
WordPress website

Don’t discover problems with your website by chance. With Managed WordPress, we monitor your site’s most essential parts. From the server to site errors.

Always have complete control of your website

A website has many parts that always need to work. Server. Domain name. SSL certificate. And all the various add-ons and features, of course.

Our monitoring keeps track of everything necessary about your website. We keep an eye on how fast it is, that it’s up, that your domain name isn’t about to expire and that WordPress isn’t giving any errors.

When our monitoring catches an error, you’ll get a notification. If you need our help to fix it, our WordPress specialists are ready to give you a quote.

Everything necessary is summarized for you every month

While you buy Managed WordPress so you don’t have to worry as much about the technology. But we know you still care a lot about your website. That’s why you get a monthly report from us. In the report, you can see, among other things:

  • What we did during the month
  • How fast your website loads
  • Your uptime last month

What are we monitoring on your website?

Frequently asked questions about monitoring and reporting

If the monitoring notices an error, a notification is sent out to you so you can look into it. We’ll also see the problem, and if we can fix it, we’ll help you immediately.

At the beginning of each month, you will receive an email with a PDF report showing how your website is doing and what we have done with it during the past month.

No. We’re happy to help with what we call some of the simpler errors. Sometimes the errors are more severe and are due to things we can’t quickly fix. This is particularly true for website errors. In that case, we’ll be happy to get you a quote. We never leave you without a way forward.