Optimizing your
WordPress website

When you choose Managed WordPress, we’ll review your site to optimize it performance-wise. We tell you how fast your site is every month, and we do a new performance review for you every year.

Lightning fast performance

When you first get Managed WordPress Standard or Premium, we do a proper performance optimization of your website. We monitor and polish it every year so that your site is lightning-fast and using the latest technologies. Some things we can do for you. Others we recommend you look into.

Every month you’ll get a report on it. Among other things, you can always see how fast your website is. Complete control and a lightning-fast website.

Snabbare hemsida med LiteSpeed

Always the right resources on the server

When your site suddenly becomes popular, we’ll help you find the right amount of server resources to keep it loading fast. You’ll need at least our Premium hosting package, which includes Elastic Scaling.

Optimization FAQs

It’s hard for us to say in advance. It depends on how good it is today and whether you’re already using our servers or moving in. If you have yet to do much performance optimization in the past and are moving to us from another provider, we often see 30-40% improvements.

We always aim for your website to load in under 1s. Whether that’s possible depends on what your site looks like.

When we do a performance optimization on your website, we’re happy to recommend actions you can take yourself to make it even faster.

Yes. Websites are living works, and things change all the time. Managed WordPress Standard and Premium, include a performance optimization every year. If you need one during the year, no problem. Please feel free to order an additional performance optimization from us anytime. You get a discount on extra performance optimizations when you have Managed WordPress.

Yes, they are. Our servers are optimized to make your website as fast as possible. The server is only half of the equation. The other part is your website itself. The code you make, the images you load, and other choices also affect how fast your site loads.

Your website will be lightning fast by having both an optimized server and an optimized WordPress.

We, humans, are impatient. Many studies have found that we are more than happy to shut down websites that don’t load fast enough. Instead, we go to a competitor. Some companies have also seen a clear correlation between shorter load times and more orders.

Because we behave this way, Google has built loading time into its search algorithm. That is, what determines how high you rank when you search on Google. Load time isn’t the most important thing, but it’s part of the puzzle.