Are you helping others with websites? By becoming an Oderland Partner you can make money while giving your customers the best hosting experience they’ve ever had.

Recurring Commission

As an Oderland partner you get up to 10% recurring commission on everything you sell, as long as the customer remains with us.

A partner you can rely on

Your customers get a partner that can give them a premium hosting experience from web hosting to server management.

Partner Portal

How many customers you have referred to us, what service they have ordered and your total commission is available to you at a glance.

We Handle Support

Your customers become our customers. That means we handle all administration and support.

Partner Network

As Oderland partner you’ll be a part of our partner network and get special tips and news for you as partner.

Sign Up as Partner

Sign Up as Partner

Becoming a partner is free and without sales requirements. Everything we require is that you have a registered business.

Sign up as Partner

Common Questions and Answers

No. Being an Oderland partner is free.
No. As partner you receive a commission as long as the customer is active, but we invoice and take full responsibility for the customer. If you want to be able to set your own prices, check out our agency solutions.
Unfortunately not. To be an Oderland partner you need to have a registered business.
As soon as you’ve earned over 500 SEK in commission you may request a payout. You may choose to receive credits on your accounts to use for future service payments, or to have them paid to you against an invoice.
You receive a recurring 10% commission on all our services except domains and DIY servers.