Protect yourself from phishing with Click Protection

When you click on a link in an email you receive, it is checked against a large register of malicious websites. If the link appears to be malicious, you will receive a warning.

Security check on every click

Every time you click on a link in an email you have received, Click Protection checks the link against our large register of malicious websites.

If the link is registered as malicious, you will see a clear warning box.

Reduce the risk of ransomware and malware

Ransomware, malware and phishing attacks are becoming more common and more sophisticated. With the sheer volume of emails you receive every day, it’s easy to misread a message and accidentally click on a malicious link.

With Click Protection, you get an extra layer of security to protect against even the most sophisticated intrusion attempts.

Large register of malicious websites

We use technology from Gothenburg-based Halon and the same large registry of malicious websites as all other email security services, including those from global Sophos.

The registry is stored locally on the server and your personal activity is never sent away to third parties.

Click Protection

SEK per10month per user

  • Click link control
  • Large register of malicious websites
  • Support
  • GDPR-friendly with data storage on servers in Sweden

One simple price per month

You pay for the email addresses (users) for which you activate Click Protection. We charge you monthly in arrears for the users who had Click Protection on at some point during the month.

Questions and answers about Click Protection

Yes. In order for the service to work, we will rewrite the links in your incoming emails. Then when you click on the link, it will go through Click Protection.

Yes. For Click Protection to work you need to use our MX servers.

When you activate Click Protection, all your incoming mail will first go through our dedicated click protection servers.

There they will be scanned for links, and all links will be rewritten to go through our Click Protection system. You can see this because the link will now start with

Then, when you as a user click on a link, you will go through click protection which will look up the link target against its large register of malicious or dodgy sites. The registry is kept locally on the server and no information about what you click on is sent away to third parties.

If the link is deemed to be malicious, you as a user will see a warning screen telling you more. If approved, you will be sent directly to the next page.

Yes. We are a Swedish company and all data is stored on our servers in Sweden. Our data processing is carried out in accordance with our privacy policy and personal data processing agreement.