Always up-to-date backups of your data

Nothing is more important than your data and keeping it safe. Cloud Backup is our backup solution included in our web hosting and Managed Server plans and available as an option for Cloud.

Backups of both files and databases

CloudBackup manages both files and databases and makes a complete backup of all your data. Every time CloudBackup runs, it checks the changes on your server and makes a copy of them.

Restoring down to the file level

If you need to restore from your backup, you can do it file-by-file or database-by-database.

You can choose to download the backup to your computer or restore directly to your server. This makes restoring faster than always having to take down the entire copy. Of course, if you prefer a full package, that is also possible.

Prices and packages

CloudBackup is available in two options depending on whether you have your own cloud in Oderland Cloud or whether you have one of our Managed services.



For those who have one of our web hosting packages or Managed Server.

  • Daily, automatic backups
  • Incremental backups
  • Files & databases
  • Stored for up to 3 months


SEK129per month

For those who use Oderland Cloud.

  • Automatic backups at selectable intervals
  • Incremental backups
  • Files and databases
  • Optional storage time
  • 1 virtual machine included (+ 79kr/month/each)
  • 25 GB storage included (+ 2kr/month/GB)

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