Migration Assistance – worry-free migration from your current web host

Moving web hosting company can feel daunting and time-consuming Files, databases, e-mail all need to be moved and domains pointed. Our technicians help you when you want to move to us.

What is included in our migration assistance?

We help you with what you need help with. Perhaps you need assistance with everything, or just a small part. This is what we can help you with when you want to move to us.

Lowering of TTL

Lowering TTL (Time To Live) in preparation for the move means pointing the domain takes less time.

Files and databases

Moving all files and databases over and changing all configuration files.

Moving E-Mail

We’ll set up the e-mail accounts you want to move over and then sync all e-mail from your current mail server.

Test Before Pointing

We’ll check the look of the website and its functionality both before and after the move.

Pointing the Domain

Ponting the main domain over to us with the shortest possible interruption, often none at all.

Security Scan

After a successful migration we’ll scan the migrated files for any malicious code.

What does it cost to get migration assistance?

As a new or returning customer who wants to move to us, we’d like to make it as simple as possible for you. Therefore, we’ll help you free of charge.

To qualify for free migration assistance, you’ll need a standardized website, such as WordPress. On your current host we need to be able to easily access the files and database. We only move one website per account and not your e-mail. You can move it with our free e-mail migration tool.

If you need more help, we’re happy to assist you for a small fee.

We charge 450 SEK excl. VAT per commenced half hour. We’ll happily give you an estimate before we start.

How do I order migration assistance?

Simply send us an e-mail at support@oderland.se with your request.

You need to have already signed up for the service you want to transfer to. You may ask for assistance with migration of multiple websites/domains at the same time.

A few tips so that we can help you as quickly as possible:

  1. Send your e-mail from the account you used to sign up with us.
  2. Include information about what you want to transfer.
  3. Include login details to your current host.