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WordPress hosting!

Build your own Managed WordPress.

Curious about why so many recommend us as a WordPress partner? For many years, we have developed our operating environment to suit WordPress and the development tools that are popular. With us, developers have the opportunity to create a custom Managed Hosting for WordPress that suits their projects and customers because we know that each project is unique!


WordPress update

Updates for WordPress, plugins, and themes can be managed as well as automated with Softaculous, even if you did not use the tool to install WordPress from the very beginning. You can also choose to get information when new versions have been released and thus manually update.

Automatic vulnerability fix

Our web hosting company is continuously scanned by Patchman who detects, informs and corrects security holes, and places malicious code in quarantine. In many cases, critical vulnerabilities in older versions of WordPress can be resolved without requiring full upgrades.

Detection of malicious code

An additional layer of security is available from the Linux Malware Detect (LMD, Maldet), which is customized for our purposes. In addition to continuous scanning of files on the shared hosting, we have live scanning of all uploads to web applications like WordPress.

World-class DDOS protection

Since we started using Arbor Networks DDOS protection, disturbances from distributed attacks have completely disappeared, although many attempts occur.


On our web hosting service, daily backups are saved for up to 3 months. These can help our customers reset themselves in the customer department.


Elastic Sites

With Elastic Sites, we let our customers choose how much work memory and processing power they want. This means, for example, that you can have up to 64GB of workflow on a Premium account, which was only possible if the site was moved to its own server.


By using LiteSpeed’s API with PHP7, we get unrivaled performance in a very resource efficient manner – you get more from your web hosting account simply.


The undoubtedly important aspect of running a quick WordPress page is caching. We support both OPcache, Redis and Memcached – just select the one that suits your situation best!


At Oderland, you can easily access a global CDN network to further enhance the performance of your site!


Knowledgeable staff

At Oderland, we have almost 15,000 installations of WordPress and many years of experience in supporting them.

SLA & operatins

Respons time (from 10 min) and access to our 24/7 operating schedule are controlled by the SLA customer choose.


Automatic installation

Through Softaculous, you can easily, via a graphical interface, install WordPress on your web hosting account. There are also no limitations on the number of installations – all you need is location on your account. These installations can then also be monitored and automatically upgraded, cloned and imported via Softaculous.

SSH, WP-CLI and Git

As a developer, you have access to all the tools you need to manage and develop your site – something that is often found on your own servers.

Node.js, Ruby and Python

PHP is good to much, but we also support many other popular languages. For you as a developer, it means that you can drive full building environments with, for example, NPM, Bower, Gulp or Webkit.