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If you don’t have to worry about the server side of your website at all, then we’ve done our job well. Since 1998, we’ve been delivering premium web hosting services to companies who value our state-of-the-art technology and support that goes the extra mile.

customers in Sweden trust us to keep their sites running.
people work hard every day to always keep your sites running.
is our uptime for the past year. That’s less than 60 minutes downtime in total.

20 years
in business gives us a proven track record.

Oderland was founded back in 1998 by current CEO Jack Oderland. In the beginning we were selling hosting services to a select group of large organizations, such as Ericsson. Fast forward a few years, and Oderland had grown out of several offices and data centers.

Today we are still a premium web hosting company. Our mission is to delivery a problem-free hosting experience that enables businesses to spend more time making a difference in their daily work.

We’re located in the heart of Gothenburg with a separate server park at the edge of the city. Being right in the city-center allows us to be available to you, our customers. Several times a year we are the host of meetup groups where you are happy to come by and get to know us personally. We’re here to help you.

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Our dedicated team is made up of some of the best talent available.

Caring for the environment

Caring for the environment

Keeping data centers running requires energy. We’re dedicated to lowering our footprint, both as we keep your sites online and as we go about our daily business. That’s why all our servers run on certified environmentally friendly energy.