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Our Security Work

In recent years, the number of vulnerabilities and hacked sites has increased, exploiting botnets to send spam or attack another target. With intelligent technology, we can stop almost anything.

Gigabit anslutning till server

DDoS attacks no longer overload the server

Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service is a type of attack that is very common to take down a server altogether.

This is done by attacking a server with so much data that you reach the maximum limit of what it can handle.

Sometimes, these attacks take out an entire network for a hosting company, meaning thousands of customers are affected even if the attack was targeted at a single customer.

We have advanced DDoS protection directly from our ISPs to our data centers. When a denial of service attack occurs on one of our customers, we can use their total bandwidth (over 1000 Gbit/s). You won’t even notice.

Uttråkad man som väntar på att datorn startar om

Security updates without reboots

Servers work just like your computer. When there is an update, they usually have to be restarted.

But while you can live with your computer being shut down for a few minutes, it’s unthinkable for a server with business-critical websites.

We use special software to process security updates when detected immediately to avoid reboots. Even faster than when the operating system receives an update.

Isolerad hund i täcke

Isolation of users

At a hosting company, you are not alone on a server. Several users share the server’s capacity. So it’s vital that users cannot access each other’s files or affect each other’s websites.

This means that all users on the server appear to be completely alone. It also allows us to offer access to your account via SSH (secure terminal connection).

Another advantage is that we can provide you with other developer-friendly features that you won’t otherwise find on hosting providers, such as caching solutions with Memcached or Redis. We can also make sure that a single user doesn’t use up all the resources himself, e.g. due to a bug or visitor stoppage.

Säkerhetsnät fångar malware

Catches malware before it reaches your website

There is a filter on each of our web servers that checks what is sent to the server. It blocks the most common attacks, and we actively work on updating our registry of known file signatures so they can’t be uploaded.

If a new vulnerability appears against a specific web tool such as WordPress, it is possible to write a rule to the filter that blocks it in case of an attack.

Site Builder

Automatic security updates of your applications

Not everyone knows how to keep their system entirely up to date. Maybe the person who was responsible has left the company.

We have a tool that automatically scans your hosting account for known security vulnerabilities and notifies you if it finds any.

You can log in to our control panel and update yourself or let the tool handle it fully automatically.

Suppose you run WordPress and don’t want to worry about updates. Please take a look at our Managed WordPress service.

Secure patching of old PHP versions

The PHP programming language is used for almost all applications on our hosting sites. But there are so many different versions of PHP. Upgrading can mean your website crashes if you built it yourself or if it hasn’t been upgraded for a while.

However, PHP does not officially support older versions anymore. Therefore, there will be no more security updates for these. In our control panel, you can easily update your version of PHP yourself.

In addition, we release security updates for older versions of PHP as well. So if you are stuck in PHP 5.2, you will still be protected by us. However, it is always best for you to upgrade to the latest stable version of PHP. Not only for better security, but also much better performance.

Datum i en kalender

Automated daily backups

Sometimes the worst happens. You’re sitting with your phone in one hand, watching TV and cleaning a few records from your database.

Oops! There goes the production database for the entire store…

We take daily backups of all files and databases on your account. You can quickly restore yourself from a previous copy within the control panel.

The backups are stored for up to 3 months. For the first month, one copy is stored daily. Then one per month.

All backups are stored physically separate from your website’s server.


24-hour emergency service

Everyone from our frontline support to management gets notifications if something is wrong or about to go wrong with a server or service. That means we can act quickly to address the situation.

Even outside office hours, technicians are always on call to receive alerts on their mobile phones and quickly deal with the problem.