Create a customized cloud solution

Oderland Cloud is a flexible cloud platform with scalable virtual servers. Build a flexible infrastructure that fits your needs, whether it consists of one or many servers.

Build your own cloud according to your needs

With Oderland Cloud, you get predictable pricing so there’s no unpleasant surprise at the end of the month. Combine our customized servers and build a cloud that suits you and your needs.

Flexible storage that can be moved between machines

In our virtual machines, the storage is located separately. This means you can move it from server to server as needed. Your environment becomes more flexible and you can keep the storage even if you shut down the server.

All storage is on state-of-the-art NVMe SSD disks and all data is physically stored in our data centers in Sweden and you can choose how fast read and write speed (IOPS) you need.

Built on open standards

Oderland Cloud is built on the OpenStack platform – the industry-leading open standard for cloud computing software. By leveraging the power of OpenStack, you get:

  • Flexibility: Move your cloud more easily between providers when integrations and auto-scaling use the same APIs.
  • Scalability: Scale up or down resources as needs change directly through the API.
  • Interoperability: OpenStack’s open architecture enables easy integration with other tools and systems, making it easier to manage and maintain your cloud environment.

Supporting your entire infrastructure

You’re in good company

Scale the infrastructure via API

If you don’t want to use our smooth web interface to manage your infrastructure, you can use our OpenStack API. This makes it easy to, for example, scale the infrastructure automatically from your application.


Always up-to-date backups

Nothing is more important than your data and keeping it safe. Cloud Backup is our automated and incremental backup solution where your backups are stored safely in a separate data center.

Take the worry out of operations with Managed Server

Choose one of our managed servers and you won’t have to worry at all. Our dedicated team will take care of your server and all maintenance. Spend your time on your business instead.

Frequently asked questions about Oderland Cloud

Oderland Cloud is a cloud platform where you can create your own cloud solution to suit your needs. You can easily create different virtual machines that can be connected in private networks to optimize your infrastructure for your application.

Yes, it is. In Oderland Cloud, storage is independent of your virtual machine. This means you can customize how much storage you need independent of how much processing power you need. It also means you can move your storage volumes between different servers as needed.

Partially. We provide support for the service itself. When you have questions about how to manage your servers in Oderland Cloud or how the service works, we are here to help you.

Support and help with how to do things on your server, such as configuring it or installing applications and the like are not included in Oderland Cloud.

If you are interested in a support agreement and SLA for Oderland Cloud, please contact us.

Yes, you do. As long as your virtual machine is on your account, you need to pay for it. To not pay for a server, you need to remove it completely.

If you want to customize your infrastructure with, for example, temporary servers at peak times, we recommend using our API to create and remove servers as needed.

All your data is stored in our data centers in Sweden. This means that it is easy for you to meet the requirements of the GDPR regarding data storage.

With Oderland Cloud, you can build your own cloud and customize your own infrastructure. This means you are free to decide how you want to set it up, what operating system you want, server modules and so on. You also need to take care of upgrades and maintenance yourself.

When you choose Managed Server, we take care of everything for you so you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure. Managed Server is more than just updates and maintenance. It’s in our dedicated platform that we constantly review for best performance and security.