A domain name is your address on the internet. In addition to the ever-popular .se domain, there are now almost an endless number of alternative domains for your website.

Give your idea a great domain name

From ever-popular domain names like .com and .se to unique .club and .store. Choose from over 500 different top-level domains. What should your domain name be?

Frequently asked questions about domains

Absolutely! Using Swedish characters or similar for other languages is no problem. Thanks to IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) technology.

Of course, you can transfer your domain to us. Moving a domain costs money for most TLDs. At the same time, the domain is renewed for another year.

How long it takes depends on the top level domain. .se domains are moved immediately, while others like .com take between 5-7 days.

We currently offer DNSSEC for the following top-level domains .se and .nu.

If you have your domain name registered through us at Oderland and use our name servers, DNSSEC will be automatically activated for your top level domains. You do not need to do anything. The rollout of automatic DNSSEC will start in the first half of June.

If you have your domain name registered with another registrar, or do not use our name servers, you will need to activate DNSSEC manually.

When it’s time for your domain(s) to be renewed, you will automatically receive an invoice from us in good time.

After you pay it, the domain name will be renewed.