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The best web hosting you’ve experienced

Meet the next generation of web hosting. With us, your website loads quickly on stable servers, and you always have access to knowledgeable support. We take care of the technical maintenance so that you can worry about your website.


185 SEK per månad

Perfect for the smaller website or blog.

  • Storage: 30 GB up to 530 GB
  • Bandwidth: 2 000 GB/mo
  • Total RAM: 3 GB
  • RAM for PHP: 2 048 MB
  • Elastic Scaling: No
  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificates: Yes

Most popular


369 SEK per månad

Higher capacity suitable for businesses or e-commerce.

  • Storage: 50 GB up to 550 GB
  • Bandwidth: 5 000 GB/mo
  • Total RAM: 5 GB up to 64 GB
  • Elastic Scaling: Yes
  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificates: Yes


719 SEK per månad

Best performance for business critical websites.

  • Storage: 150 GB up to 650 GB
  • Bandwidth: 10 000 GB/mo
  • Total RAM: 8 GB up to 64 GB
  • Elastic Scaling: Yes
  • Websites: Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificates: Yes

You’re in good company

Features that are always included

At Oderland, you will notice that a lot is included in all our hosting packages. From advanced technology that makes your website faster and more secure to tools, your developers will love.

Why should I choose Oderland?

Take your website or app to the next level. Oderland gives you the technical platform that allows you to build amazing digital experiences.

Snabba servrar ger snabba hemsidor

When others ask you to upgrade, we just scale you up seamlessly

With Elastic Scaling, you don’t have to upgrade to a new package or server just for traffic spikes. With our Premium packages, you can activate Elastic Scaling with a few clicks directly in the customer area.

Webbplats som drivs med WordPress

Web hosting made for WordPress

Like so many others, we love WordPress. It’s the world’s biggest content management system for a reason. Whether you want to play with the technology or build engaging experiences, we are the partner you can trust.