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Elastic Scaling

Don’t worry about suddenly becoming popular. With Elastic Scaling on all Premium packages, you can quickly give your website extra resources. You only pay extra for the time you have Elastic Scaling enabled.

When others ask you to upgrade, you just scale up with us

With Elastic Scaling, you don’t have to upgrade to a new package or server just for traffic spikes. In all our Premium packages you can activate Elastic Scaling with a few clicks directly from the customer portal.

Extra memory and processing power

With Elastic Scaling on our premium packages, you can expand memory up to 64GB and access 6 CPU cores. So you don’t have to worry about traffic peaks again.

Pay only for what you need

In the customer section, you choose how much extra memory and processor cores you need. When it’s no longer needed, you simply turn off Elastic Scaling. You only pay extra for the time you have Elastic Scaling enabled.

For our Premium packages, each gigabyte of memory costs SEK 3/day and each processor core costs SEK 5/day.

Du aktiverar enkelt Elastic Scaling för ditt Premium-paket direkt i kundavdelningen.

How to set up Elastic Scaling

With simple controls, you decide how much extra resources you need.

As soon as you approve, your account will be upgraded with the new resources.

Once the traffic peak is over, you simply restore the resources.

Frequently asked questions about Elastic Scaling

You can activate and use Elastic Scaling on all our Premium packages.

As soon as you activate Elastic Scaling, the changes will be implemented. The resources become available to you immediately.

Every month on the 28th, we will compile how many days you have used Elastic Scaling during the month. We will then send you an invoice.

If the total cost is less than 50 SEK, we do not send an invoice, but postpone the amount to the next month.

In the customer portal you have Elastic Scaling as an option. There you see the price and can activate for each Premium package individually.

If you have a Managed Server, we take care of everything for you. Just contact support and they’ll help you.