A year in review, 2022

As the year is nearing its end, it is hard not to think back at what has happened in the past year here at Oderland.

As the year draws to a close and Christmas approaches, it’s hard not to start thinking back a bit about the year that has passed and what has happened here at Oderland.

First, we would like to thank all your customers, whether you have been with us for a long time or just recently. We are glad that you have chosen to entrust us with the operation of your websites and applications.

Faster and more stable

We aim for this every year. We want our services to be as stable and fast as possible.

In addition to all the day-to-day maintenance, we’ve done some significant things this year. We added a new third data center. Our storage and virtualization clusters have been updated. Nearly 50 servers have been migrated to the latest CloudLinux versions. All MySQL 5.7 has been upgraded to MariaDB 10.5 (comparable to MySQL 8).

Behind the scenes, we continue our constant improvement efforts, including better monitoring and enhanced security procedures to ensure that you, the customer, get the best hosting possible.

Better communication

This spring, we launched our brand new status page. As a customer, you’ll get smoother information in case of planned maintenance or downtime. The status page is located outside our networks and works even if our services are down.

A few weeks ago, we launched our updated website, built on the latest WordPress technology. You may also have noticed our updated newsletters this year. Thanks to a brand new system, we’re better able to send you information that matters to you.

Earlier in the year, we launched e-invoicing for businesses, and if you want it, you can easily activate it directly in the customer service area. Then your invoices go straight into your financial system.

New services from email to WordPress

When we develop new services, we listen to you, our customers. In recent years, GDPR has been high on the agenda for many businesses and will continue to be so in the future.

That’s why we’re happy that we were able to release our App Suite–a cloud-based collaboration tool entirely on Swedish servers–this spring. Email, calendar, documents, and files. All in one integrated package. The basic version is included for anyone with a web hosting service and features email and calendars, among other things. With Premium, you get the ability to create and collaborate on documents.

Email is one of the things that is high on the agenda for many of our customers who build applications or run e-commerce. We all want our messages to arrive stably. While at the same time, data processing should be GDPR compliant. With Oderland Postal, you can send transactional and marketing messages via SMTP or API. All are handled on Swedish servers, of course.

Maybe we were a bit stuck on email this year after all… In the fall, we released the Click Protection add-on, which protects you against phishing by checking the links in incoming email. Because all processing is done on the server, your activity is never sent to third parties.

To make sure 2022 wasn’t just a year of email, we released our new Managed WordPress the other week. A service that is truly managed. We take care of the updates and performance so you can take care of your business instead. Plus, you get access to our new WordPress specialist team.

“The best hosting you’ve experienced”

Our goal is to give you the absolute best hosting you’ve experienced. To get there, we can never be stationary. Technology is improving all the time. At Oderland, we enjoy being on the cutting edge and are glad you appreciate our work.

We’ve been able to socialize more, and finally, our new colleagues met everyone else in the office. We gathered for a successful kickoff at Säröhus in the archipelago south of Gothenburg, attended WordCamp Europe in Porto and Nordic Domain Days in Stockholm.

It’s been great to meet everyone again in real life! Let’s hope that 2023 continues in the same way and in a more peaceful world.

Finally, all of us at Oderland wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.