Meet the new App Suite – a GDPR-friendly collaboration tool for the whole company

Oderland App Suite is our platform for email, creation and collaboration. Since all data is stored securely on our servers in Sweden, you easily meet the requirements of the GDPR.

To use App Suite you need to have a webhost, agency or managed server with us. App Suite comes in two versions:

  • Standard, included at no cost for those who have a web hosting or server. Gives you access to email, calendar and contacts and lets you try out cloud file storage.
  • Premium. In addition to everything in standard, you can also: Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations. Collaborate with colleagues in real time. Store your files securely in the cloud.

You buy as many licenses as you need and then assign your users. App Suite Premium costs 49 SEK per user per month. If you choose to pay annually, we offer two months (490 SEK/year).

In conjunction with the launch, we are offering you as a customer 30 days free App Suite Premium from today. You don’t need to do anything other than have an active email account. If you want to keep App Suite Premium after 30 days, you can choose at any time how many users you want it for.

Don’t have a web host, server or agency today? Don’t worry. Even as a new customer, you automatically get a 30-day trial of App Suite Premium when you order a new service.

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