Manage WordPress with WP Toolkit

WP Toolkit allows you to install, configure and maintain your WordPress sites from a single interface. The basic version is included free of charge. Upgrade to Deluxe for even more features.

Manage all your WordPress sites in one place

No matter how many WordPress sites you have on the same account, you manage them all in one place. Install and update WordPress or instantly log in to your site with one click.

With our Agency packages, you can also access and update all your customers’ websites from a single interface.

Smart updates without impacting your live website

Never worry that something will happen to your website when you make an update. Smart Updates automatically creates a copy (staging environment) and does the update first.

Smart automated tests scan for errors and bugs. Comfortably approve the update after reviewing a visual comparison.

Creating groups of themes and extensions

Upgrade to WP Toolkit Deluxe and get the ability to create groups with themes and extensions. Then, when you’re ready to create a new website, simply activate your group for a faster start.

Use our Agency packages to create templates to set up new websites quickly.

Smart features make WordPress easier