Special terms for Managed WordPress

This is a translation of the Swedish agreements (“Särskilda villkor för Managed WordPress”). In case of any disputes, the Swedish versions shall be used.

1.1 This agreement (“Agreement”) describes the terms and conditions of Oderland’s Managed WordPress service (“Service”) between ODERLAND Webbhotell AB with registration number 556680-8746 (“we”, “us”, “Oderland”) and the Customer (“you”, “your”).

1.2 The Agreement is subject to the User Agreement, which is accepted when you register a customer account with Oderland.

1.3 If any annexes are made to the Agreement, the provisions of the annexes shall prevail over the provisions of this Agreement. Annexes with higher numbering take precedence over those with lower numbering.

1.4 The Agreement applies to one of the Customer’s websites (the “Website”) specified by URL at the time of ordering. The Website shall use the WordPress publishing system.

2. Order

2.1 When you order the Service, we will carry out an analysis of the Website. We reserve the right to refuse an order if we determine that the Service cannot be properly delivered to your Website.

2.2 Should an order be refused, you are entitled to a full refund if you have already paid.

3. Scope of service

3.1 The scope of the Service is set out in the packages available from time to time on our website and the package ordered by you (the “Package”).

3.2 We reserve the right to change what is included in each Package at any time.

3.3 If the content of the Service changes to your disadvantage in a way that is unacceptable to you, you may terminate the Agreement. If you have a contract period longer than one (1) month, you are entitled to a refund for the remaining contract period.

3.4 We shall carry out technical maintenance on your website as often as set out in the Package. The frequency may vary up to 25%.

3.5 We cannot guarantee that technical maintenance will be carried out on a particular day or time.

3.6 In order for us to properly deliver the Service, you will always need to provide the necessary information requested by us within a reasonable time.

3.7 We may use a sub-consultant to carry out parts of the Contract. We shall then be liable for their work as if it were carried out by us.

4. Access, licences and ongoing work

4.1 In order to deliver the Service, we need access to the Website. You must keep an administrator account available for our use throughout the term of the Agreement.

4.2 You agree that we may link the Website to our management and monitoring tools. Data processing will be carried out in accordance with our Data Processing Agreement.

4.3 You are responsible for renewing any licences and keeping licence keys up to date on the Website. If a licence has expired or if a licence key is missing, we will not carry out updates for the software to which the licence relates.

4.4 We may install software on the Site for purposes such as monitoring and management. Upon request, we will provide you with a list of what we have installed.

4.5 If the Package includes troubleshooting, if a fault is detected during technical maintenance, we shall automatically initiate troubleshooting and carry out a remedy unless this would result in an obvious disadvantage to you.

4.6 The extent of fault finding included is set out in the Package. If a problem needs more time, or can be assumed to need more time, we shall:

(a) Not carry out more work.

b) Notify you as soon as possible.

c) If possible, provide an estimate of what an action or next step may cost.

4.7 If you choose not to proceed with an action after we have started work, we are entitled to compensation for time spent or for the part of the estimate completed.

4.8 If we have provided an estimate for a piece of work, we must never exceed the estimate without giving you the opportunity to approve it in advance. However, an estimate should not be regarded as an agreement on a fixed price.

4.9 We shall carry out all work in a workmanlike manner.

4.10 We do not commit to any particular availability for remedial work or troubleshooting.

4.11 We will not be responsible for any problems that may arise on the Website in connection with updates.

4.12 If the Package does not include troubleshooting and a problem arises in connection with an update, you agree that we will restore the Site from the latest available backup.

4.13 If a problem arises that requires us to obtain your approval for a solution, you shall respond within a reasonable time having regard to the priority of the matter. Otherwise, we may implement a solution on our own initiative, as long as the solution would not result in obvious disadvantage to you. However, such a solution must not entail an additional cost for you without your agreement.

5. Cancellation, termination and refund

5.1 If your package includes services provided in connection with the ordering of the service (for example, optimisation of the Website) and you cancel your order after these services have been completed, we are entitled to compensation for the work performed.

5.2 If we are no longer able to perform the Agreement due to, for example

a) the Website has a technical problem which cannot or will not be remedied,

b) we no longer have access to the Website,

c) or other circumstances beyond our control,

we have the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect. If you have a Contract period longer than one (1) month, you are entitled to a refund for the remaining Contract period.

5.3 Upon termination of the Agreement, we shall remove the Website from all management and monitoring systems on which the Website resides. This includes removing all data stored on these systems.

5.4 Upon termination of the Agreement, we shall remove any software that we have installed on the Site for purposes such as monitoring and management.

5.5 Upon termination of the Agreement, you are responsible for removing any access we have gained to the Site.