Special terms for Postal

This is a translation of our Swedish user agreement. In case of disputes, the Swedish version shall be used.

1.1 This agreement (the “Agreement”) describes the terms and conditions of Oderland’s mailing service (“Postal”, “the Service”) between Oderland Webbhotell AB with registration number 556680-8746 (“we”, “us”, “Oderland”) and the Customer (“you”, “your”).

1.2 The Agreement is subject to the User Agreement which is accepted when the Customer registers a customer account with Oderland.

1.3 If annexes to the Agreement are drawn up, the provisions of the annexes shall prevail over the provisions of this Agreement. Higher numbered annexes take precedence over lower numbered annexes.

1.4 A transactional message under the Agreement is a message sent as part of an existing customer relationship and relating to an existing contractual relationship without offers.

1.5 A market message is any other type of message that is not transactional.

2. Dispatch limits

2.1 If the number of messages sent exceeds the number of messages included, Oderland will invoice the Customer in arrears according to the price list for the package that the Customer has.

2.2 The Customer’s mailings shall remain within the following limits:

  • Bounced messages: ≤ 5%, as a percentage of the total number of messages that have bounced on delivery.
  • Unsubscriptions: ≤ 1.4%
  • Spam complaints: ≤ 0.08%, as a proportion of the total number of messages sent that were reported as spam.

3. Mailings and information

3.1 It is prohibited to use lists that have been purchased, rented or scraped from third parties. Buying or sending to third-party listings is also prohibited.

3.2 Marketing communications shall only be sent where the recipient has given clear, explicit and verifiable consent to receive such communications. Consent shall be given by means of a confirmed single or double consent system. Where the recipient provides consent, the reason for subscription shall be clearly stated. The choice to subscribe shall not be arbitrary.

3.4 Should Oderland receive a report of misuse regarding the Customer’s messages, the Customer must promptly provide Oderland with proof of the recipient’s consent. Oderland takes reports of abuse very seriously. At all times, the Customer shall be able to provide Oderland with information about all email addresses to which you have sent messages, including information about the nature of the Customer’s consent, when the email address was collected, and other evidence of the Customer’s right to send messages to the recipient under the law and the Agreement.

3.5 All market messages sent must include a link to unsubscribe. The link must be clear and concise and be identifiable, readable and understandable by anyone. The Client shall process unsubscribe requests promptly.

3.6 The name and details of the sender must be clearly indicated in each message. The “From”, “To” and “Reply-To” fields must correctly and clearly identify the sender’s domain name and e-mail address.

3.7 The Customer shall publish and make available on its website a personal data policy that meets applicable legal requirements. Each message sent shall contain a link to the personal data policy.

3.8 In addition, the Customer may not use the Service to:

  • Verify email addresses of persons who have not actively consented, or who have opted out of receiving communications from the Customer.
  • Verify email addresses that have been purchased, rented or similarly obtained from a third party.
  • Generate email addresses or otherwise attempt to identify if unknown email addresses exist.

4. Changes and actions

4.1 The Internet is constantly evolving and so are the ways in which it can be misused. Therefore, Oderland may need to make changes to this Agreement. If the changes are substantial, Oderland will notify the Customer at least 30 days before the changes take effect.

4.2 If the Customer breaches the Agreement, we may restrict, suspend or terminate the Service in accordance with our terms and conditions.

4.3 Oderland has the right to block or intercept content and traffic belonging to the Customer or users if the service is not used according to the Agreement or Swedish law.