Always a secure website
with Managed WordPress

That WordPress is frequently updated is a strength. New features add possibilities for your website. Bugs get fixed. Security holes are plugged. Yet, updating can feel tedious and take time away from your business. It doesn’t have to.

Never miss an update

Updating your WordPress site is essential. New updates have security features and improvements you want your site to have. Regular updates will help you avoid problems in the future and get the most out of your site.

With our Managed WordPress, we ensure your WordPress and the extensions you use are always up to date. You choose whether we update monthly or as often as weekly.

Is your website business critical?

How important is your website to your business? If an error occurs and a visitor doesn’t come in for 15 minutes, how much of a problem does that create for you?

If you’re worried just by the question, our Premium package might be best for you. Then we always perform updates on a dedicated test environment. Together with you, we develop a specific test protocol that we run for each update to ensure no disruption occurs.

How does an update work?


We take a backup of your website in case something goes wrong.


We update both WordPress and the plugins you use.

Test & check

We check that the website hasn’t broken. If it has, we’ll take care of it.

Frequently asked questions about updates

Sometimes the site breaks in an update due to additions crashing or some bug. What we do when this happens depends on which package you choose.

Basic. If you have our basic package, we’ll take a backup before performing your update. Once the update is done, we check that the site is still loading; if not, we restore it to the backup. We’ll get back to you, and you’ll have the opportunity to choose how you want to proceed.

Standard. With our standard package, we still take a backup before performing the update. Once the update is done, we check that the website is still loading. If it’s not, we’ll do a minor troubleshooting to see if we can easily find and fix the error. If it’s a more serious error, we’ll restore the backup and get back to you to tell you more.

Premium. All updates in our premium package are done on a separate staging environment. After each update, we go through a test flow that we decide on together. For example, we check that placing orders in an e-commerce store is still possible. If we detect any errors, we perform minor troubleshooting to find and fix the error. If it’s a more serious error, we’ll get back to you and tell you more.

If you have our Standard or Premium packages, basic troubleshooting is included. This means we check through the error logs and try to find the error. If it’s a simple error we can solve in about an hour of work, we’ll help you. If it’s a more significant error than that, we’ll do an analysis and give our recommendation for what you should do.

Depending on what the error is and where it lies, we may be able to help you solve it. Then we’ll give you a quote.

Once you have Managed WordPress, the website is still your responsibility. We’ll help you with updates and maintenance, but if something goes wrong, you may need to look into it or ask for our help. Our WordPress specialists are happy to help you for an ongoing fee, and we always give you a ceiling price before we start.